BSS 2013

Dates: July 14 - 26, 2013


Lecturers of the Berlin Summer School 2013 included:


First Week Lecturers:


Epistemological Foundations:

Mark Bevir, UC Berkeley

Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University



Gary Goertz, University of Notre Dame

Kenneth Bollen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Causation and Explanation:

Mario Small, University of Chicago

Jens Hainmueller, MIT


Linking Micro- and Macroperspectives:

Guillermina Jasso, New York University

Loic Wacquant, UC Berkeley



Second Week Lecturers in the Thematic Areas:


1. Comparing Democracies: Political Competition, Democratic Institutions and Public Policies

Ellen Immergut (BGSS/HU Berlin), Martin Kroh (DIW), Bernhard Weßels (WZB)

Moderators: Tarik Abou-Chadi (BGSS) and Nicolas Merz (BGSS)


2. Social Inequality, Conflict and Integration

Ina Kerner (BGSS/HU Berlin), Marc Helbling (WZB), Bodo Lippl (HU Berlin)

Moderator: Ismael Puga (BGSS)


3. The Dynamics of National and International Regimes

Michael Zürn (WZB, tbc), N.N., Dieter Ohr (FU Berlin), Miriam Hartlapp (WZB)

Moderator: Johannes Gerschewski (WZB/BGSS)


4. Knowledge and Culture in a Globalized World

Michael Hutter (WZB), Martin Reinhart (HU Berlin), Hella von Unger (LMU München), Ulrich Schreiterer (WZB)

Moderators: Natalie Mevissen (WZB) and Benjamin Becker (WZB)